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At ElevenPlus Euphoria Mocks, we’re confident in our ability to provide effective Mocks on GL, CEM and School Specific patterns. Our quality mock papers and study material - curated and carefully prepared by experts - has achieved excellent results in the past.

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Improve Performance

Elevenplus Euphoria Mocks provide an opportunity for the kids to continuously improve performance by attempting variety of question papers which covers all patterns and multiple types of questions.

Study material

We provide specialised study material on specific topics, which helps students overcome the challenges.

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Connect With London’s Best Mock Test Provider

ElevenPlus Euphoria is a leading mock provider based out of London. Highly qualified and experienced tutors design our mocks. Eleven Plus Mock Exams London is critical for preparing grammar schools and plays a vital role in the development phase.


ElevenPlus Euphoria is the most affordable platform in the United Kingdom for the Eleven Plus Mock Exams. We have seen excellent results from our students in the past years who have excelled in the best schools in the country like Queen Elizabeth for Boys, Tiffin’s Grammar Schools for Boys and Girls, Wilson Grammar School, Henrietta Barnet, and many more.


ElevenPlus Euphoria team specialises in designing GL, CEM, and School Specific mocks. We provide an opportunity to attempt our mocks in a hybrid manner (Online and Classroom).  Since its inception, around 2500+ students have benefited from our mocks, and parents have appreciated our efforts to keep the high quality of online mock exams. Online Mock Exam Booking is effortless.


At the same time, we manage many WhatsApp groups and telegram groups to keep the parents informed on the latest news related to Grammar schools, Question discussions, Free quizzes on English, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, and Non-Verbal Reasoning.


We have the following school-specific mocks planned for the year 2022 :

1)QE Mock Tests Online and Classroom – QE Mocks are comprehensive and comprise  Mathematics and English papers of around 50 minutes each. Nearly 600+ students appeared in our QE Mock Tests Online in the year 2021.


2)HBS Mock Tests Online and Classroom – HBS Mocks are very close to the actual first-round paper of HBS. There will be one paper that includes English, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning.


3)Tiffin’s Mocks Tests Online and Classroom – Tiffin’s Mocks are designed as per the exact difficulty level of English and Mathematics papers. Therefore, Tiffin’s Mock comprises Mathematics and English papers.


4)Sutton Mock Tests Online – Sutton Mocks Test Booking is open for the year 2022, as we are offering the new English paper format applied in the year 2021.


5)Slough Consortium Mock Online and Classroom – We are offering slough classroom mocks in Langley college, which is planned for April, May, June, and July 2022.


6)Kent’s Mock Online


7)Buckinghamshire Mock Online and Classroom - We are offering Buckinghamshire classroom mocks at Langley College, which is planned for April, May, June, and July 2022.


8)SW Herts Mock Online and Classroom – SW Hert's mocks are very close to the actual examination and consist of Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics papers.